No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.




BEA is at first a friendship story between two young people, Baye and Moussa. Frustrated by the living conditions of the children who beg every day for money and food in their home town of Saint-Louis (Senegal), they decided in 2011, to unite to create their own association, Bonheur d'Enfants d'Afrique ("Happiness for African Children"). Since then, dozens of people have jointed their cause, and thousands of volunteers from all around the world have taken part in BEA's actions. Thanks to their benevolence and their listening, about 300 children trust BEA. All the staff members are highly motivated to achieve their projects which will allow many of these children to get out of their distress and to take shape of a hopeful future. We welcome you on our website! 

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